SUMMIT 52 is a membership-based community of practice dedicated to bringing research-informed resources, tools and insights to people who want to level up every aspect of their life. This is a holistic hub for high performers committed to personal and professional excellence. 

Maximum performance with ultimate wellness is possible when you know the path, have the right guides, and are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are committed to the power of ongoing learning. 

Learn the 52 high-performance factors that make ultimate wellness obtainable, sustainable, and truly transformative.

SUMMIT 52 launches members into a 52-week education and execution program designed to mobilize 52 impactful learnings, insights, and practices for ultimate wellness. Build capacity one skill, one week, in one community, at a time, for lasting integration and sustainability through every season of your life.


This program is for people who are looking for a community with like-minded individuals who are committed to real and lasting wellness in every facet of their lives. Many of us have tried to walk these paths alone with mixed results or temporary gains, yet for ultimate wellness we need community. Through the power of discovery, growth, and learning, with the bonus of collaboration, accountability, and elite coaching, together we will level up our lives. People starting at any level, from any industry, are welcome! Rookies to experts – there is a place for you here.  


The program runs for 52 weeks, with only 4 entry points 

February, April, July, October 

Each week you will receive your knowledge pack through Basecamp, which includes ‘at-a-glance’ insights and strategies for implementing the skills required to master the SUMMIT 52 performance factors. Knowledge packs include resources, assessments, tools, and implementation guides on how to master that topic. You can also access all previous knowledge packs anytime through Basecamp. Your membership also includes access to the SUMMIT 52 Community, this includes discussion Forums moderated by Dr. Greg and
Dr. Robyne and a live, interactive monthly workshop intensive with special guests and leading field experts.  


This is a living repository of ‘at your fingertips’ tools and supports that provide the foundational insights and basic concepts you need to take your personal and professional wellness and performance to the next level. Basecamp also offers you the opportunity to connect and network with others, worldwide, while learning alongside and being coached by Dr. Greg and Dr. Robyne, in a cohort model. Dr. Greg and Dr. Robyne have curated the 52 knowledge packs required to achieve next level excellence in every domain of your life. 


Using the Eight Realms of Wellness Framework, Dr. Greg and Dr. Robyne have developed and curated the most impactful, practical, and sustainable resources and tools to maximize your skill sets through behavioural capacity building.  

Theory and research are presented in an accessible format to inform applications that are realistic, relevant, and rewarding.  

Each pack includes access to research backgrounders to familiarize you with the concept quickly, a series of self-assessment tools, action tools and worksheets, and additional resources. Using just-in-time learning and at-a-glance artifacts, members will know ‘the why’ and ‘the how’, all in one place. Each of the 52 learnings are scaffolded for maximum results that are sustainable and wickedly practical for ultimate wellness. 

Eight Realms of Wellness:


Annual Membership Plans Available & Corporate Learning Packages

  • 52 Knowledge Packs: Key Learning Postcard (Backgrounder - Foundational learning), Actions & Tools, and 52 'Check In & Ups' (printable versions available)

  • Live monthly workshops with Dr. Greg and Dr. Robyne for an interactive learning intensive which includes world-class experts and leaders to discuss and explore exactly what you need for ultimate wellness. Recordings of the live sessions will be available for members.

  • Access to an online community that is moderated by Dr. Robyne, Dr. Greg and their team

  • Facilitated challenges exclusively for SUMMIT 52 members

Each week, one knowledge pack will be delivered. You will learn how to integrate the eight realms of wellness into self-directed systems that sustain performance at the highest possible level.  

We will unpack and apply what high performers need to excel in all their roles, including how to recharge and energize to activate brainwaves that amplify focus, boost creativity, enhance problem solving, and speed learning and agile thinking for optimal wellbeing and performance.  

Wellness does not have to be elusive or complicated. Let us show you.


SUMMIT 52 gives exclusive access to Monthly Interactive Masterclasses facilitated by
Dr. Greg and Dr. Robyne, including world-class leaders.

Dr. Greg Wells

Expert on Optimizing Performance | Physiologist | Four-Time Bestselling Author

For Dr. Greg Wells, health and peak performance are personal and professional obsessions. Dr. Wells has a Ph.D. in Physiology and serves as a Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. As a scientist and physiologist, he is focused on making the science of human limits understandable and actionable. To that end he has authored four best-selling books – Superbodies, The Ripple Effect, The Focus Effect and Rest, Refocus, Recharge. He is the CEO and founder of Wells Performance, a global consulting firm committed to achieving the moonshot of helping teams, schools and businesses become places where people get healthy, perform optimally and reach their potential. He has worked with some of the highest-performing individuals on the planet, including Olympic and World champions, and with organizations ranging from General Electric to Deloitte, KPMG, BMW, Audi, and the Royal Bank.

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Expert on Resiliency and Workplace Wellness

Described as one of the most sought-after, engaging, thought-provoking, and truly transformative international speakers and scholars in her field, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning education and psychology instructor, author, and resiliency expert. She specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, personal wellness in the workplace, and optimal performance - both personal and organizational. With over 18 years of university teaching and research experience, and as a two-time TEDx Talk speaker, Dr. Robyne continues to create accessible and relatable materials while offering practical strategies that are realistic and sustainable. Dr. Robyne recently joined a group of highly esteemed authors from around the globe as a 2022 Nautilus Award recipient with her debut book 'Calm Within The Storm: A Pathway to Everyday Resiliency.'

Exclusive Access to Monthly Interactive Masterclasses facilitated by
Dr. Greg and Dr. Robyne with their special guests including world-class experts and leaders.

Community and Support through the SUMMIT 52 members forums


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